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New Manufacturer: ReadyNet

Baltic Networks is pleased to announce its' definitive distribution partnership with ReadyNet. ReadyNet manufacturers products that address the entire spectrum of application needs within residential and small office environments - Wi-Fi routers, video streaming, high-speed data, audio, video, set-top-boxes, DSL, cable modems, gaming consoles and telephony.

New Manufacturer: Jirous

Baltic Networks is happy to announce its partnership with Jirous Antennas. Jirous is known as one of the leading producers of 5Ghz and 11Ghz dish antenna solutions available on the market today.

New Manufacturer: Alpha Wireless

Baltic Networks is extatic to announce its master distribution partnership with Alpha Wireless, a manufacturer of high performance base station antennas for all applications and standards. Alpha is a leading supplier of LTE TDD antennas for all frequency bands.

New Manufacturer: ZTE

Baltic Networks is proud to announce its new direct distribution partnership with ZTE. If you're looking for Passive Optical Network (PON) equipment; whether it's an OLT, ONT, or PON cards, ZTE has what you're looking for.

New Manufacturer: IgniteNet

Baltic Networks is pleased to announce its definitive master distribution partnership with IgniteNet. Consisting of managed wireless access points, switches, and fiber solutions, IgniteNet provides the most cost-effective networking solutions available on the market today.

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