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OVERSTOCK SALE - Access Points, 60GHz Antennas, Accessories and more. All items just $5, $50 or $100!
OVERSTOCK SALE - Access Points, 60GHz Antennas, Accessories and more. All items just $5, $50 or $100!


MikroTik hAP ax lite LTE6 [L41G-2axD&FG621-EA]

L41G-2axD&FG621-EA by MikroTik
Original price $99.00
Original price $99.00 - Original price $99.00
Original price $99.00
Current price $82.95
$82.95 - $82.95
Current price $82.95

MikroTik's most affordable LTE home access point is tiny, fast, and strong enough to harvest the power of RouterOS v7! hAP lite devices have always been about value, the new hAP ax lite LTE6 is no exception with the addition of a built-in LTE modem allows you to cut costs instead of corners like never before!

There are four Gigabit Ethernet ports, combined with a speedy dual-core ARM CPU and 256 MB of RAM, you’ve got a solid SOHO router, with mobile LTE connectivity. As a bonus, we’ve added 2.4 GHz Gen6 (802.11ax) wireless and a strong 4.3 dBi dual-chain antenna. Our latest wireless chips allow you to squeeze the traditional 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum like a lemon! Depending on your overall setup, you can expect an increase in speed of up to 90%!

The freedom of LTE cable networks can no longer limit you, mobile internet is there for you, wherever you choose to go, and it will never slow you down! You can reach consistent speeds of up to 300 Mbps with carrier aggregation, as the built-in CAT6 modem allows devices to use multiple bands simultaneously. That is a huge advantage in areas with many LTE users. hAP ax lite LTE6 provides better responsiveness in a crowded environment and higher efficiency for weaker signal situations in the countryside. Depending on the service provider, we have seen Internet speed doubling in rural areas after switching to carrier aggregation!

And don’t let the price fool you, hAP ax lite LTE6 [L41G-2axD&FG621-EA] is the real deal, it comes with all the extensive features of RouterOS 7. MikroTik takes pride in giving you the freedom to push our devices to the limit with secure VPN tunneling, bandwidth shaping, firewall, user access control, you make the rules here. It’s your life, your network. And your opportunity to start saving money like never before!

Product Features: 

  • 4X Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • CAT6 LTE Modem with Carrier Aggregation
  • 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi 6  (802.11ax)
  • 256MB RAM
  • Powerful 4.3 DBI Antenna
  • RouterOS V7
  • Modern ARM CPU