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MikroTik: MikroTik Failover Setup with LABS

BNT-ONL-MT-032 by Baltic Networks

Establish a seamless failover setup with MikroTik to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for your users during any ISP failure.


The concept of implementing a Failover setup using MikroTik is crucial, especially for networks connected to the internet through two or more Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Proper configuration of this setup is essential. If not configured correctly, it can lead to significant connectivity issues for users trying to access the internet.

Throughout the course, I will explain the necessity of Failover configurations. The primary objective is to ensure that if the main ISP connection fails, the backup ISP seamlessly takes over, maintaining uninterrupted internet access for users. After establishing the basics of Failover configuration, the course will dive into various potential problems that may arise and how to effectively resolve them. This ensures that your Failover setup remains robust and reliable at all times.

The course is structured around real-life scenarios and hands-on LABS, providing step-by-step guidance. This approach is designed to enhance your understanding of each topic and empower you with the skills to implement these configurations in your own network environments.

If you're looking to master the Failover setup on MikroTik and ensure a reliable internet connection across multiple ISPs, this course is an invaluable resource.

Who this course is for

  • MikroTik Engineers working in companies
  • Students who want to learn new skills

What you'll learn

  • Configure Failover between 3 ISP's links
  • Understand what is the distance in the route
  • Connecting your router to 3 ISPs
  • Use mangle rule to have the Failover working smoothly
  • Understand what is the job of Mark routing and where to use it
  • Be able to access your router from outside via any IP provided from the different ISPs
  • Understand the usage of torch while doing troubleshooting
  • Detect the ISP failure using recursive route
  • Understand what is the scope and target scope
  • Understand how to use Netwatch tool with scripting for the Failover


  • Have a good knowledge on Mikrotik
  • Understand how DHCP, PPPoE work
  • Have a solid networking knowledge
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