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MikroTik: MikroTik DoH Against DNS Spoofing Attacks

BNT-ONL-MT-031 by Baltic Networks

Grasp the concept of DNS spoofing through Kali Linux and safeguard your network with MikroTik DNS over HTTPS.

***All Hacking techniques (Arp Spoof & DNS Spoof) that are shown in this course are for educational purpose. Please use them with caution and ONLY in the LABs of this course***


This course dives into configuring DNS over Https on MikroTik routers, a feature introduced in RouterOS version 6.47. This addition becomes crucial in thwarting DNS spoofing attacks against your PC, and the course aims to explain its significance.

To emphasize the importance of this feature, the course takes a dual approach. First, it guides you through the DNS spoofing process, illustrating the techniques hackers employ with a Kali Linux machine to compromise a PC. Subsequently, the course shifts to a solution-oriented perspective, demonstrating how to configure DoH on a MikroTik router to counter DNS spoofing attacks effectively.

The course offers a unique blend of learning, enabling you to understand and execute DNS spoofing attacks, coupled with implementing MikroTik's DoH feature for mitigation.

For participation, you will need one PC, one MikroTik router, internet connectivity, and a UTP cable.

If you aspire to comprehend hacker techniques involved in DNS spoofing attacks, coupled with acquiring the skills to utilize MikroTik's DoH feature for protection, taking this course is highly recommended. It promises a detailed exploration of these topics.

What you'll learn

  • Connect the MikroTik Router to the internet and share the service to LAN users
  • Download and install Kali Linux machine on Virtualbox
  • Make Kali Linux work on the same network as your PC
  • Upgrade Kali Linux
  • Change the root password
  • Install on Kali Linux terminator, Leafpad and Bettercap
  • Install Zenmap for network devices discovery
  • Understand how ARP works
  • Understand how Hackers use ARP spoofing to be a MITM
  • Understand how to become a MITM using Bettercap tool on Kali Linux
  • Understand how to configure DNS Spoofing on Kali Linux
  • Configure DoH on MikroTik to avoid DNS spoofing (w/o certificates)


  • Basic TCP/IP knowledge
  • Basic knowledge with MikroTik
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