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MikroTik: Dot1x (802.1x) on MikroTik with LABS

Comprehend and set up Dot1x authentication on MikroTik routers, integrating with User Manager, and leveraging the latest RouterOS version 7.


Dot1x (802.1x) is a protocol often overlooked by network engineers, yet it plays a crucial role in securing networks from unauthorized access. MikroTik introduced Dot1x support in RouterOS v6.45.1, making it accessible on their switches and routers. With RouterOS v7, Dot1x is also integrated into the User Manager software, functioning as an Authentication server for Dot1x supplicants.

For this course, you'll need three (3) MikroTik routers. Specifically, I'll be using two Hap Lite routers and one CRS3xx series switch. If you don't have a CRS3xx series switch, you can substitute it with another MikroTik router or switch.

Throughout the course, I'll explain the fundamentals of Dot1x, demonstrate how to configure Dot1x authentication using MAC authentication and user accounts, and guide you in assigning VLANs for authenticated machines.

If you're looking to comprehend Dot1x thoroughly and learn how to configure it on MikroTik products, take this course. By the end, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the protocol and the ability to configure it seamlessly on MikroTik devices.

Who this course is for

  • Engineers looking for understand how to implement Dot1x in their network using MikroTik products

What you'll learn

  • Understand how Dot1x protocol works
  • Use Dot1x with MAC address Authentication
  • Use Dot1x with User Authentication
  • Use Dot1 for VLANs assignment


  • Basic Networking Skills
  • Familiar with MikroTik Winbox
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