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INCREDIBLE SAVINGS - Access Points, LTE devices, Antennas, Accessories and more. Shop Now and Save Up to 80% Off!
INCREDIBLE SAVINGS - Access Points, LTE devices, Antennas, Accessories and more. Shop Now and Save Up to 80% Off!


BLiNQ Networks FW-300i High Powered Dual-band B46 B48 1-Sector Integrated Antenna eNodeB

FW3-B48-46-HP-NA-K by BLiNQ Networks
Original price $10,454.00 - Original price $10,454.00
Original price
$10,454.00 - $10,454.00
Current price $10,454.00

Power supply not included. Can be powered with the FW3-AC-PWR.

The BLiNQ Networks High Powered FW-300i is a single piece of hardware that is easy to set up, fits anywhere, and provides incredible network capacity. This simple solution fits almost anywhere. From the side of a building or water tower and is ready to go immediately, giving 3x the capacity at 1/3rd the price. Provide incredible connectivity using this single box solution.

Product Features:

  • ‘All-In-One’ Fully Integrated Solution
  • Features Self Channel Assignment
  • Supports Uplink* and Downlink Carrier Aggregation
  • CBRS Category B Certified
  • Supports all LTE TDD Configurations
  • 60° Azimuth Coverage
  • Features Standard 2×2 MIMO Configurations
  • Supports 256 QAM* downlink and 64 QAM Uplink
  • Network Management: WebUI, CLI and EMS

Radio Specifications:

  • Transmit Power (B48):
  • 10MHz: 30dBm /antenna port (1CC), 30dBm /antenna port (2CC)
  • 20MHz: 33dBm /antenna port (1CC), 30dBm /antenna port (2CC)
  • Transmit Power (B46):
  • 10MHz: CC Compliant: 13dBm /antenna port, Max. Transmit Pout: 23dBm /antenna port
  • 20MHz: FCC Compliant: 16dBm /antenna port, Max. Transmit Pout: 23dBm /antenna port
  • EIRP (Per carrier) B48:
  • 10MHz: 47dBm EIRP/antenna port (1CC), 47dBm EIRP/antenna port (2CC)
  • 20MHz: 50dBm EIRP/antenna port (1CC), 47dBm EIRP/antenna port (2CC)
  • EIRP (Per carrier) B48: 10MHz: 33dBm EIRP/sector (aggregate power per MIMO)
  • 20MHz: 36dBm EIRP/sector (aggregate power per MIMO)
  • Channel Bandwidth: 3 x 10MHz or 3 x 20MHz
  • MIMO: 2TX x 2RX (several possible MIMO configurations)
  • LTE Compliance: 3GPP Release 10 (SW upgrade to Release 13)
  • Connected/Active User Equipment (UE): Up to 96 active users per sector
  • Carrier Aggregation: Supports contiguous and non-contiguous 1CC, 2CC, 3CC Covers full CBRS band (150MHz)
  • Throughput DL TDD Config 2-7: 110Mbps per 1CC (140Mbps *) 330Mbps per base unit (420Mbps *)
  • Throughput UL TDD Config 2-7: 11Mbps per 1CC 33Mbps per base unit (3 x 1 CC)
  • Operating Mode: TD-LTE
  • Power Consumption: 180W maximum
  • Power: 48 VDC
  • Connectivity: Default: 1 x Copper 1000BaseT; Optional: 1 x SFP
  • Synchronization: Integral GPS antenna (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou), Optional: External GPS, 1588v2
  • Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS): CBSD Category B Certified
  • Embedded Evolved Packet Core (EPC): Software Option
  • Configuration: WebUI, CLI and EMS
  • EMS Integration: RESTCONF
  • OAM Protocols: RESTCONF, HTTPS, SSH, SNMPv2c
  • Survival Wind Speed: Up to 124 mph (200 kph)
  • Operational Temperature: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
  • Mechanical Uptilt/Downtilt: 0° - 10°

Antenna Specifications:

  • Gain: 17 dBi
  • Azimuth Coverage (-5dB): 180°
  • Azimuth Beamwidth (-3dB): 45°
  • Azimuth Beamwidth (-5dB): 60°
  • Elevation Beamwidth (-3dB): 10°
  • Electrical Downtilt: 0°
  • Azimuth Sidelobe: < -25dB (Typ.)
  • Front-to-Back Ratio @180°: > 30dB (Typ.)
  • Co-Polar Port-to-Port Isolation: 15dB (Typ.)
  • Cross-Polarization Port-to-Port Isolation: > 20dB (Typ.)
  • Max. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): 1.5:1
  • Polarization: Dual Pol 45°
  • Lightning Protection: DC Ground

Product Includes:

(1) BLiNQ Networks FW-300i Base Unit
(1) Mounting Bracket
(1) Mounting Assembly
(8) Washers 1/4in
(8) Socket Head Cap Screws 1/4in.-20, 5/8in.L
(4) Washers 3/8in
(4) Hex Nuts 3/8in. -16
(1) User Manual