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Siklu MultiHaul N366 60GHz 2 RJ-45 1GE & 1 SFP+ 10GE 360 Degree Terragraph Distribution Node

MH-N366-CCP-PoE-MWB by Siklu
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Siklu is committed to support the deployment of all MultiHaul Terragraph solutions and provides complimentary technical support from Siklu engineers to fully deploy your MultiHaul Terragraph solution quickly and easily.

The MultiHaul TG family of products brings the advantages of mmWave spectrum – multi-gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and massive amounts of available spectrum - to an easy to deploy solution with the addition of L2 SDN mesh, enabled by Siklu’s SmartHaul Runner application, for stress-free coverage extension and multi-path reliability. MultiHaul TG Node, N366, is the ideal solution for scalable deployments across neighborhoods and business environments.

High Capacity and Flexibility for Dense Deployments

The MultiHaul TG Nodes operate with 4 independent sectors over the millimeter wave spectrum using narrow beams. This confers several advantages including multi-gigabit capacity in dense deployments. With 4 independent high-gain beam-forming antennas, a multitude of network topologies can be realized to optimize coverage, capacity and performance.

Always-On Mission Critical Networks

When you can’t afford to lose a video stream, critical safe city sensor data or any other mission critical data, you need a wireless network that’s as reliable and secure as fiber. With maximal immunity to interference and hacker-proof links with embedded AES encryption, MultiHaul TG delivers a network you can count on. An additional layer of reliability is available through the L2 self-organizing (SON) capabilities enabled by SmartHaul Runner, enabling automatic reorganization and rerouting around site failures.

Simple Integrated Future-safe Multi-Functional Node

Wireless infrastructure should be simple, and future proof. Organizations want to quickly deploy a single box across the target neighborhood, knowing that this infrastructure will address the needs of self-backhaul, distribution, local services, redundancy, SLA enforcement, with enough horse power to scale the bandwidth and accommodate new features over the foreseeable future, achieving a long and useful life time.

Fiber Quality with Wireless Flexibility

Siklu’s millimeter wave radios successfully combine the capacity of fiber with the flexibility, speed of deployment and low TCO of wireless networks. That is what makes them the world’s best-selling millimeter wave radios every year since 2011. They provide rock solid performance, even in very dense networks or under severe weather conditions, in thousands of networks around the globe.

Highly Secure and Physically Immune Beams

The narrow beamwidth confers several advantages including immunity to interference and network jamming. In contrast to wide-beam wireless systems that need to use multiple strategies to perform in dense areas. Multiple subscribers and services can be connected with complete isolation based on physical port, VLAN ID and/or a Terminal Unit.

Ready Set Go

The plug and play integrated node is designed for an easy single person installation. The patent-pending scanning antennas automatically aligns with other Nodes or with TUs. For buildings with difficult roof-top access, a single Node is installed on its roof to serve multiple locations.

Product Applications:
  • Fixed 5G Wireless Access, Gigabit to the Home, the MDU and the Enterprise
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Backhaul
  • Security / Safe City Networks
  • Smart City Business Services, Municipal networks
  • Small Cell Backhaul
Product Features:
  • Topologies: Point to Point, Point to Multi-point, Self-Backhaul L2 SDN Mesh
  • Sector(s): Up to 4x 90° sector, for 360° coverage, Horizontal scanning: 90° per sector, Vertical scanning: 50°
  • Frequency & Duplexing: 57-66GHz, TDD/TDMA
  • Network synchronization: On-board GPS
  • Channels & Width: 4x non-overlapping channels, 2160MHz wide, Any sector any of 4 channels, for optimal RF performance
  • Modulation & Coding: 10 levels of adaptive coding and modulation
  • Radio OTA Rate (over the air): Up to 4,600 Mbps per sector
  • Aggregate Throughput: Greater than 3800 Mbps per sector, Greater than 15Gbps per node
  • System Gain (link budget): 110dB (Node to Node/TU, including antenna gain)
  • Typical Reach (Node to Node/TU): 1000ft. / 300m, Detailed performance calculations - see Siklu’s online link budget calculator:
  • Interfaces: 3 ports: 1x RJ-45 10/5/2.5/1GbE with PoE-In, 1x RJ-45 1GbE with PoE-Out (35W), 1x SFP+ 10GbE
Product Specifications:
  • Ethernet Features: IEEE 802.1d transparent bridging, Provider bridge - VLAN & VLAN stacking
  • Security: AES 128-bits OTA, GUI over HTTPS, CLI over SSH
  • Management & Provisioning: In-band, Out-of-band management, Web GUI (one-pane configuration of local and remote units) & Embedded CLI, NETCONF
  • Conformance: Radio: US FCC 47 CFR Part 15.255; EN 302 567, EMC: US FCC 47 CFR Part 15; EN 301 489, Safety: UL/IEC 62368-1; UL/IEC 60950-22
  • Terragraph: Terragraph certified
  • Power: PoE, 55W no POE-Out, 90W with 35W POE-Out (PoE-In: IEEE 802.3bt or passive; PoE-Out: IEEE 802.3bt)
  • Operating Temperature: -49° - +131°F (-45° - +55°C)
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
Product Includes:
(1) N366 TG Node
(1) Set of Mounting Hardware