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INCREDIBLE SAVINGS - Access Points, LTE devices, Antennas, Accessories and more. Shop Now and Save Up to 60% Off!
INCREDIBLE SAVINGS - Access Points, LTE devices, Antennas, Accessories and more. Shop Now and Save Up to 60% Off!


Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini LTE Single Cellular Cat 4 Router - PrimeCare

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The Pepwave BR1 Mini LTE-Advanced PrimeCare Edition is new for 2022 and completely redesigned with an upgraded processor and 300Mbps of router throughput, triple that of the previous model. The Mini is a complete mobile internet solution for travelers who are looking to use Cellular data as their primary mode of staying connected. This version has a CAT 6 modem (See additional information on Category-6 modems below) for additional cellular band support over the CAT-4 previous version and now has support for LTE-A carrier aggregation. The BR1 Mini accepts sim cards directly into its built-in cellular modem (one modem, 2 slots) that is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon as well as other carriers including carriers outside of the U.S. This newer generation BR1 Mini has upgraded WIFI 5 technology with 2.4ghz and 5ghz simultaneous dual-band support and includes optional licensing for enabling WIFI-AS-WAN and a Wired WAN port. The mini has two sim slots allowing you to load this router with multiple sim cards from multiple carriers allowing you to select which sim/carrier is in use by the modem. The signal from your cellular connection is then re-broadcasted wirelessly inside your coach or travel trailer using the unit's high-powered 802.11AC wireless functionality.

You can also utilize the mini's WiFi-As-Wan functionality (Advanced Feature Pack License required) to connect to external WiFi sources, enable the WAN port, enable hot failover and more. The Advanced Feature Pack License enables hot-failover of multiple WAN connections, WIFI-AS-WAN functionality (additional details below), enabled the wired WAN port, and enables ignition sensing functionality. Peplink offers discounts when this is purchased at the time of the sale of the router. PrimeCare licenses are non-refundable. If you do NOT need those features, you do not need the additional license (if you decide you want them in the future, the license can be purchased any time to unlock those features).

The unit's highly customizable web interface supports a variety of advanced routing features and will satisfy the needs of advanced users while being extremely easy to use for non-tech users as well. The unit accepts 12v inputs via the optional DC direct wire power cable or you can use the included AC adapter for 110v installation.