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INNO Instrument OTDR Cleaning Kit

TK01 by INNO Instrument
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$332.00 - $332.00
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INNO Instrument offers the OTDR Cleaning Kit. This product provides a complete selection of fiber optic cleaning products for field cleaning of connector end faces in a convenient carrying case.

Product Features
  • Convenient nylon carrying case
  • Carrying case offers big room for additional cleaning kits and test instrument
  • Complete kit for field cleaning optical connectors and bulkheads
Product Includes
(1) Nylon Carrying Case

(2) Cleaner Sticks 1.25mm/2.55

(1 each) for SC, ST, FC, LC, and MU connectors in adapters

(2) One Click Type Cleaners 1.25mm/2.5mm

(1 each) for SC, ST, FC, LC, and MU connectors (2.5mm and 1.2mm)

(1) Reel-Type Optic Fiber Connector cleaner for SC, FC, ST, D4, MU, LC, MT and DIN

(1) Fiber-Wash MX Precision cleaner for cleaning all fiber optic connectors

(1) Fiber Launch Box (Optional)