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Tycon Solar MPPT Battery Charging Controller Auto Voltage 12/24V Battery 20A Solar Load

TP-SC24-20-MPPT by TYCON Systems
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The Tycon Solar TP-SC24-20-MPPT solar controllers are MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) temperature compensated battery charging controllers. The controllers are auto-ranging to accommodate 12V and 24V battery systems. They are designed to charge Flooded, AGM, GEL or Lithium batteries. They also have a USER setting for customizable battery charge settings. They have an integral LCD display that shows Battery Voltage, Battery Capacity, Charging Capacity, Battery Temperature, Load Current and Solar Current. Product Features • MPPT Temperature Compensated Charging • Fully Automatic Operation • LCD Displays: Battery Volts, Battery Temp, Battery Level, Load Current and Solar Current • Autoranging 12V or 24V Battery Arrays • Multimode Load Operation – 5 selectable modes • Soft Start Load Output to Power High Capacitive Loads • Automatic 30day Battery Equalization • Conformal Coated Electronics for Environmental Protection • TVS lightning protection, Industrial Temperature Range • Low self consumption <1W Applications Remote Power Systems • Solar Lighting • Solar Power Applications Product Specifications • Product: TP-SC24-20-MPPT • Rated Battery Voltage: 12/24 (Auto-Detect), 35V Max • Rated Solar Current: 20A Max • Max Solar Panel Size: 12V Battery = 260W; 24V Battery= 520W • Rated Load Current: 20A Max • Maximum Capacitive Load: 10,000uF • Max Solar Input Voltage: 110V (25C) ; 90V (-25C) • Max Power Point Range: +2VDC to 75VDC Battery Volts • Conversion Efficiency: 96% Typ • MPPT Tracking Efficiency: >99% • Communication Port: RS232 (for TP-SC-BT1 only) • Self-Consumption: < 1W • Temperature Compensation: -3.0mV/℃/Cell • Max Wire Size: 10 AWG • Voltage and Current Accuracy: +/-2% • Environmental Protection: IP32 • Certifications: CE, RoHS • Operating Temp: -35°C to 55°C (-31°F to 131°F) • Dimensions: 210x151x59.5mm (8.3x5.9x2.3”) • Weight: 1.4Kg (3lb ) • Warranty: 3 years Product Includes (1) Solar Controller (1) Battery temperature probe cable (1) User Guide Product Documentation TP-SC24-20-MPPT Data Sheet TP-SC24-20-MPPT User Guide