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OVERSTOCK SALE - Access Points, 60GHz Antennas, Accessories and more. All items just $5, $50 or $100!
OVERSTOCK SALE - Access Points, 60GHz Antennas, Accessories and more. All items just $5, $50 or $100!


Primus Cable 12 Strand SM 9/125 Riser OFNR Fiber Optic Cable

FB14-3713-S12R-FT by Primus Cable
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Primus Cable riser distribution fiber cable is composed of 2 to 72 colored tight buffers, aramid yarn, and a PVC outer jacket. All component materials meet the EU RoHS and REACH Directive standards.

The riser distribution fiber cable is available in 12 TIA standard colors or special order colors. The fiber cable is UL Listed OFNR for use in vertical runs in building riser shafts or from floor to floor. Standard surface print denotes construction, NEC rating, and fiber type, and includes footage markers. Custom print can also be accommodated.

Product Features
  • 900µm Tight Buffers.
  • Water blocking aramid yarn strength members.
  • UV resistant OFNR Riser jacket.
  • Exclusive use of Corning® optical fibers.
  • Jacket print ensures product identification and fiber compatibility.
  • Buffers strip consistently between 3.5-5lbs/ft. helpful for onsite termination.
  • Durable jacket offers added protection during installation and in rugged use applications
  • General Outdoor use.
  • General indoor use.
  • Between buildings.
  • Underground in a conduit.
  • Fiber Count: 2/4/6/12/24/48/72
  • Outer Jacket Material: Flame Retardant PVC
  • Outer Jacket Color: Black
  • Strength Member: Aramid Yarn
  • Tight Buffer Material: Flame Retardant PVC
  • Tight Buffer Color: Available in 12 TIA/EIA Color Standards
  • Temperature Range: -40C-+70C
  • Core Size: 9 µm
  • Wavelength: (1310-1550)nm
  • Max. Attenuation: (0.5-0.4) dB/km