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Baicells Nova-246 LTE Release 12 2x20W B41 Outdoor TDD eNodeB

sBS81040 by Baicells
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The Baicells Nova-246 is a powerful outdoor dual carrier eNodeB (eNB) with 2x20W output power - that's 2x2 MIMO with 20 Watts per channel housed in one unit. Using two 2-port antennas or one 4-port antenna with one Nova-246 in split mode not only increases capacity but enables economical wireless broadband access in challenging locations.

Take, for example, a small rural community surrounded by mountains, with homes and businesses along a narrow valley corridor. Two 180° sectors facing opposite directions and attached to Nova-246 provides a "butterfly" coverage solution.

The Nova-246 eNB is based on the most prevalent high-speed wireless networking technology in the world today: Long-Term Evolution (LTE). It conforms to 3GPP standards and uses Time Division Duplexing (TDD) technology.

Using Band 41, this eNB is a good choice for addressing non-line-of-sight (NLOS) challenges; it provides the power and LTE intelligence to help penetrate obstructions such as heavy foliage, tall buildings, and hilly terrain.

In a later software upgrade, Nova-246 will offer the option to operate in Carrier Aggregation (CA) mode. CA mode combines contiguous or non-contiguous channels into a single data channel (up to 40 MHz) for even greater capacity.