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OVERSTOCK SALE - Access Points, 60GHz Antennas, Accessories and more. All items just $5, $50 or $100!
OVERSTOCK SALE - Access Points, 60GHz Antennas, Accessories and more. All items just $5, $50 or $100!


Alpha Wireless 3.3-3.8GHz, 2 Ports, 360 Degree, 8.5dBi, Omnidirectional Canister Antenna [AW3625-M-N-G]

AW3625-M-N-G by Alpha Wireless
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Original price $699.00
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The AW3625-M-N-G is a 2-port omnidirectional antenna that operates from 3300 to 3800 MHz. The antenna uses a Tri-Sector pseudo-omni construction to provide 360 degree of horizontal coverage with minimal azimuth pattern ripple. The antenna enables improved azimuth control of the coverage through independent control of the elevation beam in three sectors. Each sector’s down tilt is adjustable from 0 degree to 10 degree using the manual electrical tilt (MET) dials. Throughput and coverage can be optimized through accurate adjustments of the down tilt. Down tilting the main beam electrically is the most effective way to adjust the coverage in an Omni antenna. This allows full control of the patterns to prevent signal creep into all neighbor cells which enables frequency-reuse between cells and reduces the number of cells needed to serve an area.

The AW3625-M-N-G offers 8.5 dBi gain in a visually pleasing 24” (600mm) length by 5” (125mm) width diameter canister. This antenna provides complete 2×2 MIMO coverages for 4G and 5G private networks using the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), LTE Bands B42, 43, & 48, and 5G NR Band n78.

Canisters provide multiple antennas into one attractive package. These canisters deliver an elegant macro solutions for pole-top, rooftop and street-works applications. Alpha Wireless produces the highest performance, smallest diameter canister in the marketplace. Alpha Wireless is your antenna partner. We advise, design and deliver.

  • Wide-band antenna that covers LTE Bands 42, 43 & 48 and 5G NR Band n78. Includes CBRS Band.
  • Optimized Pseudo omni with reduced azimuth ripple
  • Slim monopole design to reduce wind loading
  • Independent RET control for each array (x3)
  • Has built in GPS antenna