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UCL Swift CK-01 Fusion Splicer Cleaning Kit

CK-01 by UCL Swift
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When it comes to saving yourself time and money with fusion splicing, sometimes the simplest method is the easiest. By regularly maintaining your fiber optic splicer, you save yourself call backs for dirty connections and provide a longer connector lifespan for your clients. Engineered to help field technicians clean fiber splicers quickly, reliably and inexpensively, UCL Swifts new fusion splicer cleaning kit provides all the tools needed to ensure your Swift fusion splicer continues to work accurately and efficiently. The CK-01 Kit contains cleaners, wipes and swabs, as well as an eye loupe with pen light, a sweeper Brush with soft nylon bristles, tweezers and room for extra supplies. Each kit can ensure thorough cleaning of your fusion splicer preventing any dust or debris buildup when performing connections.

Product Features:

  • Used for maintenance and cleaning of UCL Swift splicers
  • UCL Swift recommends regular cleaning to ensure correct performance
  • Non-alcohol cleaning solution allows air shipment with no restrictions
Product Includes:
(1) Bag, 9x8x3 Zippered
(1) Swabs, package of 25
(2) AquaKleen Cleaner, 2 fl oz bottle
(2) FiberKleen Wipes, pk of 50 wipes
(1) Brush
(1) Screwdriver
(1) Tweezers
(1) Illuminated Jeweler’s Loupe
(1) Instruction Sheet
(1) Zipper Pull
(1) Sharpie, medium point