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Tycon Power Mini Splitter USB Converter or passive48 POE In, 15W Out

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The Tycon Power POE-MSPLT-USB is a part of the Tycon Power System's POE-MSPLT line of dynamic splitters that provide a powerful compact Power-over-Ethernet adapter that splits Data and POE power onto separate output connectors. The DC output is provided on a standard 5.5mm/2.1 barrel connector and the data output is provided on a standard RJ-45 network connector. Product Specifications • Output Voltage: 5VDV USB • Output Current: 3A • Output Power: 15W • DC Output Connector: USB Port • Data Output Connector: None • Output Cable Length: 6" (153mm) User Manual: POE-MSPLT-USB User Guide Specification Sheet: POE-MSPLT Series Data Sheet