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Primus Cable Wall Mount FDU Plastic 16 SC Connections 24 Splices Outdoor Distribution Box (Black)

FB46-7214W16 by Primus Cable
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$66.95 - $66.95
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Primus Cable wall mount Splitter Terminal box is a rugged, low cost, low profile interconnection between central office and multi-dwelling units of FTTx application. Its multilayer design allows installers to access only the components necessary for initial installation or subscriber turn-up. It can house 16 Adapters/Couplers with SC Footprint and 24 Splices. This FDU is offered in black color and a lock for safekeeping. Applications: FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, Telecommunication Network, CATV, Local Area Network.

  • Fiber Distribution Unit
  • Wall Mount
  • Fits Pole Mount Kit FB46-7279PMK
  • Holds 16 SC Connections and 24 Splices
  • Fixed Splice Tray
  • Lock with latch
  • Flip-Up Cover
  • Plastic
  • Black Color
  • Outdoor IP-66 Rated