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Primus Cable Fiber Multi-Mode Adapter Panel with 6 LC Duplex Adapters

FB24-2611LCB12 by Primus Cable
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$36.95 - $36.95
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Primus Cable Fiber Multi-Mode Adapter Panels are perfect for providing connections between outside plant, riser, or distribution cables.

Product Features
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • 6x Duplex LC Connections
  • Durable Powder Coated Black
  • For OM1 Multimode Fiber
  • LGX Adapter Plate Foot Print
Product Specifications
  • Plate: Cold Rolled Steel, 1.6mm Thick
  • Panel Foot Print: LGX
  • Duplex LC Multimode (OM1) Couplers
Product Includes
(1) Primus Cable Fiber Adapter Plate with 6 LC Duplex Couplers