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Primus Cable 6 Strand MM 50/125 Plenum OFNR Fiber Optic Cable

KQ006L641801-FT by Primus Cable
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Primus Cable 6 Strand MM, 50/125 10 Gig OM3. Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Distribution cables are specified for campus network cabling between buildings where inter building lengths are short enough that the installer can recognize savings from the lower costs of terminating tight buffered cables.

For indoor applications the cable is OFNP listed. For outdoor applications the cable is manufactured with an outer jacket that incorporates a UV stabilizer for protection against exposure to the sun plus an anti-fungus protection for use in underground applications.

  • Cables are water blocked and exceed water penetration requirements of ICEA S-104-696 and GR-20-CORE (this helps ensure that any damage to the cable and subsequent water ingress is restricted to a repairable length of several meters and minimizes overall replacement cost).
  • Outer jacket is moisture-resistant, fungus-resistant and UV resistant suitable for outdoor use.
  • With an overall OFNP (plenum) rating, this cable is suitable for installations in most spaces requiring UL flame rating: Plenum Riser, General Purpose and outside plant.
  • ICEA S-104-696
  • Telcordia GR-409-Core Issue ll Weatherized Cable
  • EIA/TIA 568
  • RoHS/Reach Compliant
  • Fiber Count: 2,4,6,or 12
  • Temperature Range: Installation Temp 0C-+70C
Storage Temp: -40C-+75C
  • Diameter: 6 Strand: 6.4mm (0.25 in)
  • Maximum Attenuation @ 850nm: 3.0dB/nm
  • Maximum Attenuation @ 1300nm: 12dB/nm
  • Maximum Attenuation @ 1500nm: N/A
  • Overfill Launch Min. Bandwidth @ 850nm: 1500mHz/km
  • Overfull Launch Min. Bandwidth @ 1300nm: 500mHz/km
  • EMBc: 2000mHz/km
  • Gigabit Ethernet Min. Link Distance @ 850nm: 100 Meters
  • Gigabit Ethernet Min. Link Distance @ 1300nm: 550 Meters
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet Min. Link Distance @ 850nm: 300 Meters