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Primus Cable 3m SC/UPC, 6 Strand, Single Mode, 9/125, Fiber Pigtail

FB34-5853-S6C3 by Primus Cable
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$28.95 - $28.95
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This Primus Cable pigtail (FB34-5853-S6C3) is 3 meters long with SC/UPC connectors. Its single mode, 9/125 with tight buffer and an overall outer jacket.

Product Features
  • Protective outer jacket, which can easily be removed for tighter spaces
  • Pre-terminated fiber to reduce installation time and ensure accuracy
  • 6 SC connectors ready to plug directly into an adapter panel
Product Specifications
  • Connector Type: SC
  • Strand Count: 6 fibers
  • Length: 3m / 9.84ft
  • Jacketed: Yes