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Primus Cable 1RU Slide Out Rack Mount Fiber Distribution Patch Panel

FB36-1495R3 by Primus Cable
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The Primus fiber panel is designed to support both patching and splicing in one distribution panel and includes trays & spools. The distribution panel has a slide out master panel with an integrated tray stop to prevent overextension of fiber cables. The distribution panel also has a two piece top and a latch door to allow for easy access to the adapter panel.

Product Features

  • Slide-Out Panel makes Accessing Fiber Easy
  • Includes Splice Trays and Spools
  • Fits 3 LGX Adaptor Panels
  • Fits up to 72 Fibers
  • Steel Construction
Product Specifications
  • Panel Material: Steel
  • Rack Unit Size: 1U (1RU)
  • Rack Mounting: 19” Racks
Product Includes
(1) Primus Cable Rack Mount FDU 1RU Slide Out with Tray

(1) Set of Splice Trays and Spools