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MikroTik: MikroTik LABS for Beginners

BNT-ONL-MT-041 by Baltic Networks

Gain practical experience with MikroTik RouterOS, uncovering its essential features.


Are you looking to configure MikroTik RouterOS but unsure where to start? Do you need to perform basic configurations on a MikroTik Router but lack the experience? If so, this course is tailor-made for you.

Designed specifically for beginners, this course offers a hands-on introduction to MikroTik products, requiring no prior experience or knowledge. You'll explore a variety of topics, including:

  • An overview of different RouterBoard products.
  • Understanding what RouterOS is.
  • First-time access to a MikroTik router using Winbox, Telnet, and SSH.
  • Configuring the router to provide internet access to internal users.
  • Methods for backing up and restoring configurations.
  • Instructions on how to re-flash the MikroTik RouterOS.
  • An explanation of the various MikroTik license levels.

For the optimal learning experience, it's ideal to have two MikroTik Routers on hand. However, you can also use GNS3 with CHR images as an alternative.

This course represents the perfect starting point for anyone eager to learn about MikroTik. We look forward to guiding you through this learning journey.

Who this course is for

  • This course is meant to be for network engineers and students with no experience with MikroTik

What you'll learn

  • Understand what is MikroTik and where it is located
  • Understand the difference between RouterOS and RouterBOARD
  • Know how to get 1st access on the MikroTik router using WebFig
  • Understand how to use Quick Set to make your router working
  • Understand the usage of the Winbox utility to connect to the router via MAC address
  • Understand the difference between Telnet and SSH and how to use them to connect to the MikroTik router
  • Understand the basic command line syntax's on MikroTik terminal
  • Know how to connect the MikroTik router to the internet
  • Understand how to configure DHCP client
  • Understand how to share internet to the LAN PCs using the NAT
  • Be able to troubleshoot internet connection problem on your MikroTik router and your LAN PCs
  • Know how to upgrade the RouterOS via 3 different ways
  • Understand the function of the RouterBOOT & how you can upgrade it
  • Understand how to create users and custom groups
  • Understand how to use Public and Private keys to connect via SSH
  • Managing RouterOS Services
  • Understand the difference between the Binary and export backup
  • Understand how to reset the RouterOS configuration from Winbox
  • Understand how to do Hardware reset on RouterOS routers
  • Understand how to use Netinstall to reflash the MikroTik RoutersOS
  • Understand the different type of licenses for RouterOS and CHR


  • Basic networking skills
  • Knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol
  • Basic computer skills
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