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MikroTik: Learn MikroTik ROUTE with Hands-on LABS from Scratch

BNT-ONL-MT-042 by Baltic Networks

Master routing configuration on MikroTik through comprehensive, step-by-step LABS.


In every network, routing is crucial. However, incorrect routing configurations can lead to numerous issues. This course is meticulously designed to teach you how to effectively configure routing on MikroTik routers, ensuring your network remains operational, functional, and scalable.

This course is particularly suitable for students and professionals eager to master routing in MikroTik.

We will dive into a range of topics, including:

  • The fundamentals of routing.
  • Understanding IGP vs EGP.
  • Comparing Distance Vector and Link State protocols.
  • Configuring Static routes, including default and floating static routes for failover.
  • In-depth exploration of ECMP for load balancing.

The course comprises 30% theory and 70% practical LABS, featuring real-world scenarios on MikroTik routers. Each lab is structured with step-by-step configuration, followed by a testing phase to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved. Prepare for an engaging and informative experience with MikroTik Routing.

If you are new to MikroTik Routing and wish to grasp the basics, this course is an essential resource. By the end, you'll be equipped to adeptly configure routing on your MikroTik router.

Who this course is for

  • Students who would like to learn more about Routing and how to apply it to MikroTik routers
  • To help Network Professionals design Routing in their jobs using MikroTik routers
  • Anyone who would like to learn Routing concepts and how to apply them on a MikroTik router

What you'll learn

  • Understand why we need routing in our network
  • Understand the difference between IGP vs EGP routing
  • Understand the difference between Distance vector vs Link state routing protocols
  • Understand how and where to apply static route and default static route
  • Understand how to configure static floating route for link failover
  • Understand how to configure ECMP on Mikrotik routers for Load-Balancing


  • You should be familiar with TCP/IP Protocol
  • You should have basic networking knowledge
  • You should have beginner knowledge level in MikroTik
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