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MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer

BNT-MTCTCE by Baltic Networks
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The MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer (MTCTCE) was designed to prepare network engineers and technicians who are wanting to manage the quality of service for their networks using Queues, Firewalls, and other features. After successfully completing the MTCTCE course, students will be able to configure and control the overall user experience on their networks.

The MTCTCE course consists of 2 days of hands-on MikroTik training and lab workshops. Upon completion of the course, there will be an examination given and upon passing the exam, students will receive a MikroTik issued Certificate. Space is limited so sign-up today for this highly in-demand training course.

Good for:

ISP Administrators, Corporate Network Administrators, Campus Network Administrators, Senior Network Technicians, Networking Enthusiast


Completed MTCNA Certification (does not have to be current)

Course Outline

• Packet Flow Diagram

• Understanding Packet Flow Diagram

• How placket Flows in Diagram

• Complex examples of Diagram

• Firewall/Filter/NAT/Mangle

• Connection Tracking

• Filter (Chains/Rules/Action)

• NAT (Chains/Rules/Action)

• Mangle (Chains/Rules/Action)

• Advanced options

• UPnP

• Quality of Service

• Burst

• Queue Types


• Simple Queue

• Queue tree interaction

• DNS Client/Cache

• Basic configuration

• Static DNS

• DHCP Client / Relay / Server

• DHCP Communications Analysis

• Client Configuration

• Server Configuration (Networks / IP Pool / Advanced DHCP)

• DHCP Relay Configuration

• Web Proxy

• Basic Configuration

• Proxy Rules List

• Regular Expressions

What to Bring With You:

• Laptop with WiFi and Ethernet interface. Must be able to plug in ethernet cable

• Supported browser for management interface installed

• Working WinBox application on computer

• Management access on computer. Must be able to set IP address of computer

Cancellation Policy:

In case you need to cancel your participation in the training, please email send an email to assoon as possible (prior the training). All cancelled trainings will be credited towards another training date of your choice. There is no refund for training fee paid. Baltic Networks reserves the right to reschedule a specific training if the class does not meet the minimum required seats filled. Notification will be given as soon as possible if this does occur.

Additional Discounts:
We offer discounts for groups and have additional training packages are available. Please reach out to us directly at630.929.3610 or email to find out more information on our offerings.