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IgniteNet Virtual Private Cloud Management Service - 1 Year

ICS-VPCLIC-1Y by IgniteNet
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IgniteNet Virtual Private Cloud Management Service - 1 Year access to virtual private cloud management platform, unlimited device support.

VPC is a beneficial, cost effective feature for certain cloud users, such as MSPs (Managed Service Providers), for a few reasons
  • A VPC cloud encourages customer stickiness
  • A VPC cloud allows the VPC cloud owner to maintain a unified brand image
For example, let's say an MSP by the name of "MSP Services, Inc" is currently managing the wireless installations of 10 hotels in a small hotel chain. This MSP has chosen to go with the IgniteNet solution, due to the affordability of the hardware and cloud solution. The administrators of this hotel chain have asked the MSP to grant them read-only visibility in to their WiFi network, so they can see how many guests are using the WiFi, troubleshoot any AP issues when calls are received at the front desk, etc.


  • Data is stored for 30 days*
  • Create up to 500 sites per cloud
  • 500 device licenses per site
  • Domain and logo customization with theme selectors