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INCREDIBLE SAVINGS - Access Points, LTE devices, Antennas, Accessories and more. Shop Now and Save Up to 60% Off!


Cambium Networks PMP 5GHz 450b Retro FCC High Gain Backhaul Radio

C050045B102A by Cambium Networks
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Original price $378.78
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This is the radio only. Can be powered with the N000900L001C.

The new Cambium Networks 450b Retro product has several advantages over the original 450 SM, yet retains a similar form factor, so it can be used in conjunction with existing offset reflector dishes (HK2022A). It supports 4.9 GHz through 5.925 GHz, uses a Gigabit Ethernet port, has the advanced 450b processing power, includes a direct 3.5 mm audio jack connection for alignment tone if required, and can perform as a PTP link! At the same time, the 450b Retro is powered by the same 30 VDC power supply and can be used in the same offset reflector dishes that are already prevalent in the ecosystem (i.e., a “drop-in” replacement for an old SM, without the need for re-alignment).


Product Features:

  • Ultra-wide band radios support from 4.9 to 5.925 GHz
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • New System on a Chip (Soc) enhancing Packet Processing Power more than 4x that of the 450 Subscriber Module
  • Capable of up to 300 Mbps aggregate in a 40 MHz channel
  • Backhaul radios can function as a Point-to-Point (PTP) link or as a a Subscriber Module (SM), except for Global models
  • Form factor allows the use of existing Offset Reflector dishes
Product Specifications:
  • Channel Spacing: Configurable on 2.5 MHz increments
  • Frequency Range: 4900-5925 MHz
  • Channel Width: 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 15 MHz, 20 MHz, 30 MHz, or 40 MHz
  • MAC (Media Access Control) Layer: Cambium Networks proprietary
  • Physical Layer: 2x2 MIMO OFDM
  • Ethernet Interface: 100/1000BaseT, full duplex, rate auto negotiated, 802.3 compliant
  • Protocols Used: IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP/IP, ICMP, Telnet, SNMP, HTTP, FTP
  • Network Management: IPv4/IPv6 (dual stack), HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, FTP, SNMPv2c and v3, Cambium Networks cnMaestro
  • MTU: 1700 bytes
  • VLAN: 802.1ad (DVLAN Q-inQ), 802.1Q with 802.1p priority, dynamic port VID
  • Encryption: FIPS-197 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES (optional)
  • PPS: 50,000
  • ARQ: Yes
  • Ultimate Sensitivity: -94 dBm
  • Maximum Deployment Range: Up to 40 miles (64 km) in PMP mode, up to 124 miles (200 km) in PTP mode
  • Latency: 3-5 ms, typical
  • GPS Synchronization: Yes, synchronized by Access Point or via 3.5mm port using cnPulse (for PTP mode)
  • Quality of Service: Diffserve QoS
  • Transit Power Range: 57 dB dynamic range (to EIRP limit by region) (1 dB step)
  • Maximum Transit Power: +27 dBm (MIMO, combined V+H) (+22 dBm @ 256QAM)
  • Integrated Antenna Peak Gain: 9 dBi
  • 3 dB Beamwidth- Azimuth: 45°
  • 3 dB Beamwidth- Elevation: 45°
  • Mean Time Between Failure: >40 Years
  • Environmental: IP 55
  • Temperature/ Humidity: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F), 0-95% non-condensing
  • Wind Survival: 200 kph (124 mph)
  • Pole Diameter Range/ Mechanical Tilt (w/ included mount): 1 in to 3 in pole diameter
  • Power Consumption: 9 W typical, 12 W peak
  • Input Voltage: 24-30 VDC, Canopy-style PoE
  • FCC ID: Z8H89FT0042, EN 301 893 v2.1.1, EN 302 502 v2.1.1
  • ISED Canada: 109W-0042
Product Includes:
  • (1) Backhaul Radio