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Airspan AirSpeed 1030 3.55-3.7GHz B48 B42H B43L Integrated Antenna Fiber/Copper Backhaul

AS103-U48-B03DP-INV by Airspan
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The Airspan AirSpeed 1030 is part of Airspan’s carrier-class, LTE small cell, eNodeB family. It is a high powered Pico class product with integrated dual sector front mount smart beam antennas that provides high-speed data, mobility, Voice over LTE, and broadcast/multicast services in order to meet the demands of the LTE fixed and Mobile Carriers.

Product Features
  • Easy to Install- Single Mounting + Power only
  • All Major LTE Bands Supported- Operates in LTE licensed and Lightly-licensed Bands
  • Integrated Backhaul- Supports wireline backhaul options
  • Various Deployment Scenarios- Compact form factor allows simple installation on rooftops, walls, and poles
  • High Coverage/ Throughput- 4T4R channels configured as dual sector with LiteCoMP, dual carrier
  • Enhanced AirSON - Fast commissioning and network configuration
  • Latest Release LTE Feature Sets- Supports the latest 3GPP Release feature sets (software upgradeable). Also includes support for SON and elCIC which enables N=1 frequency re-use with the Umbrella Macro cell.
  • Dual Sector
Product Specifications
  • Bandwidth: 40 MHz
  • Frequency Range: 3.55 - 3.7 GHz
  • LTE Support Bands: 42/ 43/ 48
  • Power Range: 30V/ 0.6A
Product Includes
(1) AirSpeed 1030
(1) LTE-SW-RTU License (per node, for a single sector) for AirVelocity/ AirUnity