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INCREDIBLE SAVINGS - Access Points, LTE devices, Antennas, Accessories and more. Shop Now and Save Up to 80% Off!
INCREDIBLE SAVINGS - Access Points, LTE devices, Antennas, Accessories and more. Shop Now and Save Up to 80% Off!


Introducing the BalticBox

The Baltic Box
Baltic Box




At your finger tips.

Our Vision

We believe the future of distribution will look different from its past. That’s why we are reinventing the way we do business.

Micro Warehouse

Inventory for you.

We understand the challenges of getting the carrier-grade equipment, and supplies, when you need them. The Baltic Box is designed to bring these products closer to you. Each Box will be stocked with commonly used, hard-to-find essentials. No more last-minute overnight deliveries to save a project.

Baltic Box

Location. Location. Location.

A hop, skip, and a drive away.
Want a Baltic Box near you? No problem. Our locations will be driven by our customer feedback. We want every Baltic Box to be located within driving distance of the customer it serves. 

Automatically Restocked

We'll handle the Last Mile.

No more managing stock. Our team will manage and restock your Baltic Box on a weekly, bi-weekly, or flexible schedule. Box inventory will be managed by our demand forecasting platform. Your Baltic Box will automatically reorder more of what you need, and less of what you don't use. 

Self Service

Check(it) out.

Buying products couldn't be easier. 
  1. Go to your nearest Box
  2. Use our website, or Box app, to view the inventory
  3. Purchase using Credit Card, or your Baltic Terms account.
  4. A one-time access code will be provided via email.
  5. Use the access code enter the secure cage and grab your merchandise

Distributor with Benefits.

Value has many forms. The Baltic Box is a master of value. Below are some of that areas we see immediate value for our customers. 

Financial Benefits

Less devices on hand, more cash in hand.

Stocking inventory consumes cash that can be used to grow your business. Work with us to keep the products you need in a nearby Baltic Box. Store it there until you need it. 

Project Benefits


Nothing is more frustrating than a project waiting on equipment. 

Access Points, Switches, CAT5, Fiber, Routers, Antennas, Connectors, the list goes on. These products are not available at the local hardware store. Baltic Box brings these specialty products closer to you

Emergency Benefits

Disaster "Plan B"

Unfortunately, sh*t happens. When disaster strikes, the Baltic Box is able to provide customers a more local solution that can assist customers in a quick network recovery. Hardware and other equipment can be shipped to the Baltic Box in anticipation of storms and other network failures or provide a convenient point for teams to pick up equipment .

Mutual Benefit

We'll work with your favorite distributor.

Have a preferred distributor? No problem, we'll work with them to fill your Baltic Box with products. Stock your Baltic Box with inventory that is critical to your network while working with your preferred distributor in areas that are convenient for you. Reducing your time to receive products and eliminating the cost of shipping.

Interested in a Baltic Box?

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