NS-MAP-0 Airspan Netspan Mapping - Optional

Airspan Netspan Mapping - OPTIONAL

Airspan Netspan Mapping - OPTIONAL

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Netspan Map Views acts as a user friendly interface and supports multinode selection with filtering for node types and drilldown capabilities to help operators to manage the network.

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Supported third party map tools include:
• Open Street Maps (No license required)
• Bing Maps (Requires customers to purchase a license from Microsoft)

Google Maps are not supported due to licensing restrictions imposed by Google. Netspan supports ".km" and ".kmz" file import allowing customers to import and export the map information to and from external map tools.

Netspan Product Specifications

More Information
Datasheet https://www.balticnetworks.com/docs/Netspan_Product_Information.pdf
Large or Oversize Package No
HTS Code 8517.69.0000