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Siklu Short Wall-Mountable Pole for Single ODU EtherHaul 500/600/700 or MultiHaul B100/T200/T201 (VKTM009)

AX-MK-WM by Siklu
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Siklu AX-MK-WM is a short pole for easy installation of a single Siklu EtherHaul 500/600/700 or MultiHaul B100/T200/T201 radio on a wall, with full 90 degrees horizontal rotation for many antenna sizes and running of the data cables to the radio, through the wall or from under/above the radio. The AX-MK-WM is mounted on the wall with 4 bolts, adapted to the wall type (the bolts are not supplied).

Compatible with EtherHaul 500/600/700 with 0.5ft antenna (needs EH-MK-SM) or MultiHaul B100/T200/T201

Product Documentation:

Siklu AX-MK-WM Data SheetSiklu Q4 2021 Product Reference Guide