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Siklu Dragonwave Dual Band Antenna Dual Radio 18GHz 80GHz High Power Band 1 Starter Kit

XTD1880HP-Kit-DB2-10Gb-B1 by Siklu
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This combined solution delivers up to 99.999% availability at 6 miles (10km) in E rain zone is specifically suited for 5G ultra-reliable low latency communications for mission critical applications. Harmony Extend 80 offers multi gigabit capacities and continuously monitors the performance of the connection.

Product Features:

  • Fiber Equivalency Achieved - 10Gbps + 1Gpbs Backup
  • Two Independent radios for very high service availability
  • A single 2ft antenna to ease on tower fees and loading penalties
  • Upgrade any Harmony to Harmony Extend 80
  • System automatically switches when active link is down
  • Single Click Configuration
Product Specifications:
  • Frequency / Duplexing: 71GHz - 76GHz / 81-86GHz, FDD
  • Channel Bandwidth, Modulation and Adaptive Coding:: 250, 500, 1,250 & 2,000MHz, BPSK to QAM128. Up to 9 levels of hitless adaptive bandwidth, coding and modulation - boost gain b7 over 29dB
  • Throughput: 10Gbps full duplex
  • System Gain: 64 / 93dB (channel bandwidth = 2,000MHz, maximum capacity / minimum modulation), 75 / 97.5dB (channel bandwidth = 500MHz, maximum capacity / minimum modulation)
  • Reach: 10Gbps: 1.7/2.4 mile (2.7/3.84km) @ 99.95% availability (2,000MHz, rain zone K/E, 2ft ANT.), 10Gbps with ExtendMM 6.2 mile /10km @ 99.999% availability (2,000MHz, rain zone K/E, 2ft ANT. Lower band radio) 2Gbps: 2.4/3.5 mile (3.8/5.6km) @ 99.5% availability (500MHz, rain zone K/E, 2ft ANT.)Harmony Enhanced High Power Specifications:
  • Frequency: 18 GHz • FCC/IC/ETSI/AUS/NZ/ITU/ FDD
  • Capacity: Base Capacity is variable from 10Mbps to 1Gbps full duplex
  • System Gain: TX Power 34dBm for QPSK & 31dBm for 2048QAM, 85.4 / 117.8dB (channel bandwidth = 56MHz, maximum capacity / minimum modulation, 80.9 / 116.1dB (channel bandwidth = 80MHz, maximum capacity / minimum modulation
  • Latency GigE: <110us @ 2048QAM, 50MHz
  • Modulations and Bandwidth: Modulations QPSK to 2048QAM with Channel Bandwidth 25/28/30/40/50/56/80MHz
  • Interface: 2x10/100/1000bT + 2 Optical SFP (1xGE + Combe 1GE/10GE). Direct DC Port with -48V Nominal (-40.5 VDC to -57.5 VDC), Isolated
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 131°F ( -40°C to +55°C)
  • Ethernet: Packet Size is Up to 9600B, Flow Control and Prioritization of 8 levels served by 8 hardware queues, CoS based on 802.1p/q Pbits, MPLS Exp bits, DSCP TOS
Dual Band Antenna Specifications:
  • Frequency Range: 17.7 - 19.7 GHz
  • Regulatory Compliance: ETSI: EN 302 217-4-2 V2.2.1 Class 3 FCC: 47CFR101
  • Gain: 38dBi±0.5dB
  • 3dB Beam width: 1.8°
  • Polarization: Vertical or Horizontal
  • Cross Polarization Discrimination: 30dB
  • Front / Back Ratio: 67dB
  • Input Power: 10W (max
  • Interface: WR42
Starter Kit Includes:

Harmony Enhanced MC 18 GHz Radio Band 1 Tx High with high power

Harmony Enhanced MC 18 GHz Radio Band 1 Tx Low with high power

(2) 3m Grounding Cable

(2) 1000Mbps capacity License for Dragonwave 18GHz Radios

(2) ACM RLK (Enhanced MC Feature Upgrades)

(2) Dual Carrier OperationEtherHaul-8010FX ODU with ANT. port, TX High; Power: DC/PoE; Capacity up to 10Gbps; ports: 1x dual-media RJ-45/SFP+EtherHaul-8010FX ODU with ANT. port, TX Low; Power: DC/PoE; Capacity up to 10Gbps; ports: 1x dual-media RJ-45/SFP+

(2) Initial capacity 10,000Mbps (10Gbps) choice for EH-8010FX/AES(2) ExtendMM feature set for EH-8000 series

(2) SFP+ 10Gbps MMF, 850nm, LC connector

(2) PoE Injector 60W, E.L. VI (100-240 AC source, US AC cable)

(2) EtherHaul 2 ft. antenna Dual Band (FCC/ETSI) and mounting kit, with X adaptor and DWX mounting

Product Documentation:

Siklu Dragonwave Dual Band Antenna Dual Radio Brochure

Siklu Extend Brochure