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MikroTik: MikroTik Security Engineer with LABS

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***This course is not officially sponsored by MikroTik and not an authorized course by MikroTik. We respect the Trademarks of the mentioned company and institution.***


If you're a network engineer, safeguarding your network from cyber attacks is always a priority, and implementing an effective security plan can be challenging.

This course focuses on MikroTik's comprehensive firewall features, designed to protect your network from various types of cyber threats. Our aim is to guide you through each step with real LAB scenarios, ensuring your MikroTik routers are well-protected against any form of cyber attacks.

Aligned with the MikroTik Certified Security Engineer syllabus, this course covers all relevant topics.

Throughout the course, I'll simulate cyber attacks on a MikroTik router to identify vulnerabilities and demonstrate effective protection strategies. You'll get hands-on experience through extensive LAB exercises, which you can replicate independently.

Key topics we'll cover include various security aspects in MikroTik and methods to fortify your routers. Some of the topics we'll explore are:

  • Attacks, mechanisms and services
  • The most common threats
  • RouterOS security deployment
  • Packet flow, firewall chains
  • Stateful firewall
  • RAW table
  • SYN flood mitigation
  • RouterOS default configuration
  • Best practices for management access
  • Detecting an attack to critical infrastructure services
  • Bridge filter
  • Advanced options in firewall filter
  • ICMP filtering
  • MNDP attacks and prevention
  • DHCP: rogue servers, starvation attacks and prevention
  • TCP SYN attacks and prevention
  • UDP attacks and prevention
  • ICMP Smurf attacks and prevention
  • FTP, telnet and SSH brute-force attacks and prevention
  • Port scan detection and prevention
  • Introduction to cryptography and terminology
  • Encryption methods • Algorithms - symmetric, asymmetric
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Port knocking
  • Secure connections (HTTPS, SSH, WinBox)
  • Default ports for the services

Alongside all the security topics covered, there is a specific module dedicated to explaining VPN tunneling. This module will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to IPsec
  • L2TP + IPsec
  • SSTP with certificates

This course is specifically designed for network engineers, technicians, and students who aim to effectively deploy and secure networks utilizing MikroTik devices. It offers an in-depth and practical learning experience with numerous hands-on LABS, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of various types of cyber attacks and effective strategies to safeguard your MikroTik routers.

If your goal is to become a proficient MikroTik Security Professional, then this course is a crucial step on your path. Don't hesitate to take this course and start your journey towards expert-level knowledge in MikroTik network security.

Who this course is for
  • Students and engineers interested to understand how to deploy security in MikroTik
What you'll learn
  • Configuring Port Knocking on MikroTik router
  • Disable unnecessary protocol on the MikroTik Router
  • Configure user management to allow particular users to login into the MikroTik Router
  • Protect the MikroTik Router from Brute force attacks
  • Protect the MikroTik router from DHCP starvation attacks
  • Protect the MikroTik router from rogue DHCP servers using DHCP Snooping
  • Protect the MikroTik router from ICMP flood attack
  • Protoct the MikroTik router from all type of DOS attacks
  • Understand how packet flow works in MikroTik routers
  • Understand and configure PPTP tunnelling
  • Understand and configure L2TP/IPSEC tunnelling
  • Understand and configure IPSEC VPN tunnelling
  • Understand how to configure Firewall rule using RAW table
  • Configure Firewall protection against TCP SYN attacks
  • Configure Firewall Protection against UDP attacks and prevention
  • Understand and configure Certificates in MikroTik routers to secure connections to the router
  • Configure Bridge filtering
  • Configure the MikroTik Router to prevent all type of ports scan
  • Understand the different type of Chains in the MikroTik Firewall
  • Prevent MNDP attacks using the MikroTik Firewall
  • Understand and configure SSTP tunnelling protocol with certificates
  • Understand IPSEC IKEv1 & IKEv2
  • Configure IPSEC site to site
  • Have at least MikroTik Certified Network Associate level
  • Understand basic networking topics such as TCP/IP, OSI Layer, etc
  • Have a good knowledge in MikroTik

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