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MikroTik: Best Configuration Tips on MikroTik

BNT-ONL-MT-040 by Baltic Networks

Learn key strategies for configuring your MikroTik router to optimize network traffic flow.


MikroTik routers stand out as versatile devices, offering extensive configuration possibilities in areas like Routing, Switching, Firewall, and Wireless functionalities. Being Linux-based, these routers provide a platform for leveraging a multitude of features to achieve optimal configurations.

This course is dedicated to unveiling the best configuration tips for MikroTik routers. Starting with techniques for filtering social media traffic, progressing to methods for limiting download speeds based on file extensions, and delving into filtering adult content traffic, the course culminates with essential tools such as sending backups and logs via email.

Through practical demonstrations, this course illustrates the significance of MikroTik routers in achieving the mentioned configurations. To make the most of the LABS featured in this course, it is recommended to have one MikroTik router, one PC, and an internet connection.

Who this course is for
  • IT engineers who wants to get the best configuration tips to get the maximum from the MikroTik Router
  • IT engineers who want to enhance their network traffic by limiting or stopping unnecessary traffic
  • IT engineers who want to be able to receive emails from the MikroTik router for its backup copy or logs
  • IT engineers who want to learn how to use the QOS in the MikroTik router
  • IT engineers who want to work get the best of the tools available on the MikroTik router
What you'll learn
  • Understand how to block the social media on the MikroTik router such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook using the most efficient way
  • Understand how to limit the download speed of the file extension
  • Understand how to block adult content and not allow users to change the DNS addresses
  • Understand how to send email from the MikroTik router
  • Understand how the MikroTik router can send periodically the configuration file back by email
  • Understand how the MikroTik router can send periodically the Log file by email
  • Understand how to select special log event to be sent from the MikroTik router by email
  • Understand how to schedule a different day and night internet speed on the MikroTik router
  • Been familiar with MikroTik and WinBox
  • Have a basic network skills and TCP/IP knowledge
  • Have a basic computer skills