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IOIOBox Vented Kit Bantam Door

Vented-Kit-Bantam by IOIOBox
Original price $329.99 - Original price $329.99
Original price
$329.99 - $329.99
Current price $329.99

The IOIOBox Bantam Vented Door, the most requested door, has two hoods and sets of vents for sites with good air flow. This can be beefed up with the addition of the PowerVent Kit, available in both 24v and 48v, to really maximize your air exchange.

This vented door is compatible with the IOIOBox Bantam 6U Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure.

A metal mesh screen is included, but for added flexibility, it can be replaced with any filter medium that may better suit your specific installation.

Product Features

  • (2) Hoods and
  • (2) sets of vents
Product Includes
(1) Vented Door

(1) Mesh Screen