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OVERSTOCK SALE - Access Points, 60GHz Antennas, Accessories and more. All items just $5, $50 or $100!
OVERSTOCK SALE - Access Points, 60GHz Antennas, Accessories and more. All items just $5, $50 or $100!


Cambium ePMP 1000 2.4GHz Connectorized radio (FCC, US/CA version)

C024900A021A by Cambium Networks
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Wireless service providers and enterprises need reliable, high-quality broadband connectivity that can be rapidly deployed and expanded. The ePMP architecture provides highly scalable broadband access solution that will allow you to build and expand your network with a faster return on investment. Cambium Networks’ radios deliver bandwidth-intensive services such as VoIP, video and data to end users in multiple vertical markets, with high performance and exceptional reliability. The new ePMP platform, operating in 2.4GHz and 5GHz, is the most effective connectivity solution for reaching the under and unconnected around the world.

Quality of Service (QOS) allows you to confidently offer triple play services – VoIP (Voice over IP), video and data. Providing your customers with excellent service quality ensures their continued loyalty and transforms them into advocates, helping Wisp's and enterprises expand their business. Cambium Networks’ ePMP 1000 connectorized radio provides more than 150 Mbps of real user throughput. Using 2x2 MIMO-OFDM technologies, ePMP deployments achieve industry leading data rates. The ePMP 1000 connectorized radio has the flexibility to connect to a variety of external antennas such as 90 and 120 degree sector, omni and high-gain panel antennas. This versatility allows service providers to configure their network using high gain antennas to satisfy the most challenging environments. The ePMP 1000 connectorized radio can be configured as a subscriber module, an unsynchronized access point or backhaul radio. This radio will function as a client (slave) to an ePMP GPS synchronized radio in either a PMP or PTP deployment forming a GPS synchronized solution.

Product specifications:

  • Channel spacing: Configurable on 5MHz increments
  • Frequency range: 2.4GHz: 2402 – 2472MHz
  • Channel width: 20MHz or 40MHz
  • MAC (media access control) layer: Cambium proprietary
  • Physical layer: 2x2 MIMO/OFDM
  • Ethernet interface: 100 BaseT, Cambium PoE (V+ = pins 7 & 8, Return = pins 4 & 5)
  • Protocols used: IPv4, UDP, TCP, IP, ICMP, SNMPv2c, HTTPs, FTP
  • Network management: HTTPs, FTP, SNMPv2c
  • VLAN: 802.1Q with 802.1p priority
  • ARQ: Yes
  • Nominal receive sensitivity (W/ FEC) @ 20MHZ Channel: MCS1 = -89 dBm to MCS15 = -66 dBm (per branch) nominal receive
  • Nominal receive sensitivity (w/ FEC) @ 40MHZ Channel: MCS1 = -86 dBm to MCS15 = -63 dBm (per branch) maximum deployment
  • Modulations levels (ADAPTIVE): MCS1 (QPSK 1/2) to MCS15 (64QAM 5/6)
  • Latency: (nominal, round trip) 6ms (flexible frame mode), 17ms (GPS sync mode)
  • Quality of service: Three level priority (Voice, High, Low) with packet classification by DSCP, COS, VLAN ID, IP & MAC address, broadcast, multicast and station priority.
  • Transmit power range: -17 to +30 dBm (combined, to regional EIRP limit) (1 dB interval)
  • Antenna connection: 50 ohm, RP (Reverse Polarity) SMA (2)
  • Surge suppression: 1 Joule Integrated
  • Environmental: IP55
  • Temperature: -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)
  • Weight: 0.49kg (1.1lbs.)
  • Wind survival: 145km/hour (90mi/hour) with antenna
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 29.1 x 14.5 x 8.3 cm (11.4 x 5.7 x 3.3in)
  • Power consumption: 7W maximum, 5W typical
  • Input voltage: 10 to 30V
  • Encryption: 128-bit AES (CCMP mode)
  • FCCID: 2.4GHz: Z8H89FT0011
  • Industry Canada cert: 2.4GHz: 109W-0011
  • CE: 5GHz: EN 302 502 v1.2.1, 5GHz: EN 301 893 v1.7.1
Product Includes:


  • (1) ePMP 1000 2.4GHz Connectorized radio - FCC
  • (1) 30V Power Supply, US cord
  • (1) Mounting Strap