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A5-14-Kit - Mimosa 4.9GHz - 6GHz PtMP Link Starter Kit with 14dBi Beam Forming Access Point

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**NOTE** This kit does not include PoE injectors for the C5 clients. If you'd like to power the clients with PoE, you may purchase the optional PoE's below

A5-14 Product Features
• Gigabit Ethernet - 10/100/1000BASE-T
• Network Processing - Advanced AP control for capacity and subscriber management
• Access Control Lists - Permit, Deny and Remark Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic flows
• Traffic Shaping - Per CPE UL/DL commit and maximum rate shaping
• Management Services - Mimosa cloud monitoring and management SNMPv2 & Syslog legacy monitoring HTTPS HTML5-based Web UI
• Smart Spectrum - Management - Active scan monitors/logs ongoing RF interference across channels (no service impact) - Dynamic auto-optimization of channel and interference avoidance
• Security WPA2 + Mimosa 802.1x RADIUS - Future support of WPA2-Enterprise/HotSpot 2.0 - Management VLAN support
• QoS - Supports 4 pre-configured QoS levels
• GPS Location - GNSS-1 (GPS + GLONASS)

A5-14 Product Specifications
• Max Throughput - Up to 1.0 Gbps IP (1.7 Gbps PHY)
• Client Capacity - 100 Clients
• MIMO & Modulation - 4x4:4 MIMO OFDM up to 256-QAM
• Bandwidth - 20/40/80 MHz channels - Tunable in 5 MHz increments with GPS Sync
• Frequency Range - 4900-6200MHz restricted by country of operation
• Max Output Power - 30dBm
• Beamwidth ( 3dB ) - 70ยบ azimuth
• Max Power Consumption - 25 W
• PoE Power Supply - 802.3at and Passive PoE compliant, 48-56 V Power over Ethernet supply with IEC61000-4-5 surge protection
• Wind Survivability - 200 km/h (125 mph)

C5 Client Features:
• Incredibly high gain. With 20 dBi, the client can reach access points up to 10+ km away. With an aperture efficiency above 50%, the device is still extremely compact.
• Spectrum Analyzing with the Mimosa Cloud, utilizing reports to optimize channel usage and performance.
• Maximum throughput with Gigabit Ethernet port for up to 500+ Mbps.
• Super compatible with 802.11n compatibility
• Mimosa Flexible TDMA

C5 Client Specifications:
• Max throughput: 500+ Mbps (866 Mbps PHY)
• Low latency: 8ms
• Wireless protocols: CSMA, Mimosa Flexible TDMA
• MiMO & Modulation: 2x2:2 MIMO OFDM up to 256 QAM
• Bandwidth: 20/40/80 MHz channels tunable to 5 MHz increments
• Frequency range: 4900-6000MHz restricted by country of operation (*new* US/FCC 5600-5650 support)
* 4900MHz available after future firmware upgrade
• Max output power: 20dBm
• Gain: 20dBi
• Beamwidth: 3dB, 14deg
• Max power consumption: 15W
• Power method: 48-56V, 802.3 PoE
• Operating Temperature: -40deg C to +55deg C (-40deg F to 131deg F)
• Security: WPA2 + Mimosa 802.1x Client
• QoS: Supports 4 pre-configured QoS levels
• Approvals: FCC Part 15.407and Part 90Y, IC RSS210, CE, ETSI 301 893/302 502
• RoHS compliance: Yes
• Safety: UL/EC/EN/ 60950-1 + CSA-22.2

Product Includes
• 5 x Mimosa C5 Integrated client devices
• 1 x Mimosa A5-14 access point with beam-forming antenna 5GHz 14dBi omni MU-MiMO 802.11ac 4x4:4
• 1 x 56V Gigabit PoE
• 1 x Power line cord
• 2 x Pole ring clamps
• 1 x RJ45 pass through
• 5 x 48V Gigabit PoE wall plugs (optional)
• 5 x Network Interface Device (optional)

Mimosa products are not eligible for exchange or credit. Returns accepted only with warranty.

Product Data Sheets and
Mimosa A5 Data Sheet
C5 Data Sheet
Mimosa PoE-48V Data Sheet
Mimosa Install Guide

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This Mimosa PtMP link starter kit includes (5) C5 clients and the A5-14 beam forming antenna.
SKU A5-14-Kit
Manufacturer Mimosa
Country of Manufacture United States
HTS Code 8517.62.0050
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