SAF Tehnika Integra FODU 23GHz, Integrated ODU, 2ft Antenna, 1200MHz, T/R, 02LA, FCC

SAF Tehnika Integra FODU 23GHz, Integrated ODU, 2ft Antenna, 1200MHz, T/R, 02LA, FCC

SAF Tehnika Integra FODU 23GHz, Integrated ODU, 2ft Antenna, 1200MHz, T/R, 02LA, FCC

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D23B2R02LA SAF Tehnika Integra FODU 23GHz, Integrated ODU, 2ft Antenna, 1200MHz, T/R, 02LA, FCC

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D23B2R02LA - SAF Tehnika Integra 23GHz integrated ODU and 2ft antenna, QPSK-1024QAM, 1x GigE PoE, 2x SFP, 1200MHz T/R, 02LA, FCC

Next generation all-outdoor microwave radio product
Integra is an unbelievably light, energy efficient carrier-grade system that exemplifies an outstanding return on smart engineering - the synergy of high competence in radio electronics and materials science. Integration of next generation microwave radio with high and super high performance antennas into a single unit translates into a lower total cost of ownership, as well as less time spent on the installation site, and better reliability of the link even in densely served areas.

Integra Product Highlights
• Up to 1Gbps throughput: With header compression in 1+0 configuration. Up to 221Mbps at 28MHz and up to 465Mbps at 60MHz without header compression.

• Better link performance: Makes it possible to use smaller size antenna on existing link or to cover longer distances due to better system gain @ 256 QAM. With optional ETSI Class 4 antennas Integra is perfect radio to be deployed in dense microwave environment.

• Scalable channel bandwidth: From 3.5MHz up to 60MHz in single hardware design. Integra is the most universal radio fit for variety of applications – from last-mile to backbone connectivity.

• Fast installation: Direct radio and antenna integration allows to save time usually spent on radio to antenna assembly and hermetization.

• Easier handling and saving on shipping cost: All-Outdoor radio (incl. modem, Ethernet network processor, PoE splitter and surge arrestor) with integrated antenna in a single-unit compact design.

Integra Product Specifications
• Dimensions: 26.3" x 26.3" x 11.4"

• Weight: < 5kg/ 11lbs

• Capacity: Up to 448 Mbps payload full duplex at 56MHz 1024QAM, Up to 465 Mbps payload full duplex at 60MHz 1024QAM, Up to 930 Mbps payload full duplex in 2+0 60MHz configuration , Up to 1Gbps throughput with header compression

• Channel Bandwidth (FCC): From 5MHz up to 60MHz

• Modulations: From 4QAM up to QAM1024 with hitless ACM

• Traffic: 465 Mbps full duplex Ethernet

• Power Consumption: < 35W

Product Includes:
• (1)SAF Tehnika Integra FODU 23GHz, Integrated ODU, 2ft Antenna, 1200MHz, T/R, 02LA, FCC
• (1) Ethernet Cable Guide
• (1) Mast Mount

Technical Data Sheets and User Manuals
Integra Series Data Sheet
Integra Series Brochure

SAF Technical Support:
SAF professional engineers are available to resolve technical issues. Remote technical support is available if there are difficulties with:
• configuration and installation process of SAF Tehnika products and solutions
• the usage process of SAF Tehnika equipment.
For technical support please contact the SAF Technical Support Team

SAF Product Warranty Information:
All SAFIntegra radios come with an exclusive 5 year warranty. For specific warranty details please contact the SAF Technical Support Team

This product is preconfigured, licensed equipment, therefore returns are not permitted. Please contact the FCC for licensing procedures before purchasing products.

You may also obtain FCC coordination through Baltic Networks. We offer Standard Coordination (30 days), or Express Coordination (14 days*).
* Please note that with Express Coordination, PCN will be completed within 2 weeks, but is still subject to the 30 day waiting period of the objection letter.
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Manufacturer SAF Tehnika
Country of Manufacture Latvia
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