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Baltic Cash

Rewarding our customers for their loyalty. 

How It Works


Earn points for every dollar spent on product purchases. 

Earn More

Engage with us on social and other marketing opportunities to gain bonus points.

Get Rewards

Use your points towards product discounts and many other rewards.

Earn Cash

You will earn cash for every dollar spent on purchases as well as a variety of other options available to gain bonus points. There is no limit to how much you can earn, so simply shop and start reaping the rewards. 

Shop at Baltic

  • 1 Point for every $1 Spent

Buy Maxxwave Products

  • 2 Points for every $1 Spent

Refer Customer

  • 100 Points

Make $1,000+ Purchase

  • 150 Points

Redeem Cash

International Delivery

Free Shipping

Redeem points for shipping coupons that can be used on any order, and any shipping method.

International Delivery


Use your points to buy more products. Want a spare AP? Use your points.

International Delivery


Baltic Cash can be used to take your entire team to a new level. Certificates have never been easier to obtain. 

International Delivery

FCC Coordination

In need of a licensed backhaul? We've got you covered, redeem points to get your FCC application completed. 

International Delivery

industry Events

Tickets on us. Use your points to purchase your next event tickets. 

International Delivery

Baltic Swag

Redeem points on Baltic swag, from flashlights to t-shirts and hats. We have a variety of Baltic merchandise available. 

Earn Status

In addition to the redemption benefits above, you will get one year access to exclusive perks. Can you make it to Terabit Status?

25,000 Points Earned

Megabit Status

  • Discounted Products

  • Free Remote Training

  • 4 PM (CST) Shipping Cut Off

50,000 Points Earned

Gigabit Status

  • Discounted Products

  • 2 x Free Remote Training

  • 5 PM (CST) Shipping Cut Off

  • 45 Days to Pay*

100,000 Points Earned

Terabit Status

  • Discounted Products

  • 3 x Free Remote Training

  • 5 PM (CST) Shipping Cut Off

  • Same Day Shipping Services

  • 60 Days to Pay*

* Must be a Baltic Networks Terms Customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? 
Click Chat with Us on the bottom right corner to speak with our support team. 
How do I join the program?
If you have an account with Baltic Networks, you are automatically part of the rewards program. Simply continue shopping to start earning Baltic Cash. Don't have a Baltic account, create one to start earning rewards. 
Do my points expire?
Yes, Baltic Cash points will expire a year from the time of earning. 
What about past purchases, will I get points for those?
You will earn points for purchases starting, December 1st 2022. You should see your Baltic Rewards balance by clicking on the rewards widget on the bottom left of the website.