Mounting Hardware

You're probably going to need some mounting hardware when you set up a big network. We have tilt brackets, outdoor mount kits, camera mounts, J-pole mounts, roof mounts, rack mounts, rail mounts, wall mounts, and pole mounts. We have mounting hardware from Maxxwave, Ubiquiti Networks, MikroTik, Airspan, Cambium, IOIOBox, Tycon Systems, and more!
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  1. Tycon Solar Top of Pole Mount for Two or Four 250W Solar Panels
  2. Tycon Solar Top of Pole Mount for Two 250-360W Solar Panels
  3. Tycon Solar Solar Panel 8-14" Pole Side Mount
  4. Siklu EtherHaul Spare Mounting Kit for 2FT Antennas
  5. Siklu EtherHaul Mounting Kit for 2FT Antenna
  6. Siklu Commscope Mounting Kit for EtherHaul With 1FT Antenna
  7. BLiNQ Networks Universal Pole/Wall Mounting Kit
  8. Tycon Solar Side of Pole Mount for 2 - 4 80W Solar Panels
  9. Airspan AirHarmony 4xxx Universal Wall & Pole Mounting Kit (P/N: 903-03-261)
  10. Siklu EtherHaul Special Mounting Kit for Siklu Radios up to 1FT and Operation Near Shore
  11. Cambium ePMP Force 400 Series Mounting Spares Kit
  12. Airspan AirSpeed 1035 Universal Pole and Wall Mounting Kit
  13. IOIOBox Steel Mount kit
  14. Siklu EtherHaul Small Mounting Kit for 1FT Antenna (VEHM035)
  15. Siklu EtherHaul Mounting Kit for all small ODUs & 16cm Antenna for Elevation up to +60/-45 degree (VEHM028)
  16. SAF Tehnika SAF2R Andrew 10/ 11GHz ValuLine Antenna Integration Kit
  17. Jirous JDMW-900 MI Mounting Bracket for Mimosa B24
  18. Laird Universal Antenna Mount 18" 10-pack
    $120.00 was $137.50
  19. Maxxwave Adjustable 2in Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

    From $103.00 was $129.00

    To $168.99 was $203.99

  20. Airspan AirVelocity 1500 Suspended Ceiling Mount Kit
  21. Siklu Short Wall-Mountable Pole for Single ODU EtherHaul 500/600/700 or MultiHaul B100/T200/T201 (VKTM009)
  22. Primus Cable CAT6A Shielded High Density 24 Port 1U Rackmount Patch Panel
    Special Price $96.00 was $108.000000 Instant savings: $12.00
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