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About Baltic Networks


Baltic Networks, founded in 2005, provides cost effective wireless and wired networking solutions. Whether you are a WISP, a hot-spot provider, a digital signage installer or are embarking on the latest M2M quest in Remote Monitoring & Control, Security and Surveillance or Smart Grid and Utilities, we have a solution for you.

As distributors, we offer a complete line of products and custom solutions for wired and wireless networking systems and components, including routers, antennas, backhaul equipment, power supplies, and radios in licensed and un-licensed frequencies.

As consultants, we offer a full spectrum of network engineering services, with in-depth expertise for wireless deployments and network design. Having the experience of design and deployment of hotspots and kiosks at all major airports across the United States and United Kingdom and licensed links combined with the distribution rights of some of the most cost-effective broadband solutions available, we have all that is needed to build a solution that is cost-effective, responsive and reliable.

 What differentiates us from our competition?

  • Same-day order fulfillment and fast delivery. Place your order by 3PM CST, and expect it to leave our 12,000sq feet warehouse facility within 2 hours. Centrally located in the Chicago's western suburbs, we are within 1-3 days of ground shipping service to most of the U.S. continental states and freight forwarders into South and Central America.
  • Our unique product mix. Custom-designed for Baltic Networks, UBTik™- a solution combining the best of Ubiquiti antenna and MikroTik routerboard technologies. Steel and wall-mountable enclosures for MikroTik routerboards. RouterMaxx™, a high-performance back-bone multi- core gigabit router with fiber. 

We constantly evaluate emerging technologies and market changes to ensure that we provide the best networking solutions, a well-suited product mix at the most competitive prices, and the most expert technical support.

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Brian Vargyas

Managing Director


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