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Ubiquiti US/Canada Operating Frequency Information

September 10, 2011 Update

Ubiquiti products (including CPE and Access Points),  commonly known as “the 5.875Ghz or M5-series”, are now being distributed with ONLY the 5725-5850 MHz band in the United States and Canada.  Products with such frequency band will now be numbered with a “US/CA” suffix, i.e. NanoStation M5 now has a stock number “NSM5 US/CA” and are commonly referred as “the US-version”.  Products with a wider band, i.e. 5470-5875Mhz and commonly referred to as “the international version” will continue to be sold by Baltic Networks.

As we are receiving new inventory shipments from Ubiquiti, newly arrived inventory will be labeled accordingly on the Baltic Networks website.

The new stock numbering system can be illustrated as follows:

Product Name                                   Product Description                                                        SKU Number

NanoStation M5                                International Version, 5470-5875Mhz                          NSM5   

NanoStation M5                                US and Canada Version , 5725-5850Mhz                  NSM5 US/CA

Products commonly known as “the 2.4Ghz or M2-series”, are now being distributed with the Channel 1-11 only by Baltic Networks. Additional channels are available to customer outside of US and Canada, by request only.

The change in the products’ operating frequency band by Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. has been prompted by a recent increase in the number of interference incidents within the United States causing 5.6 GHz Doppler weather radar systems at airports to be significantly impaired.  Currently, Ubiquiti products have been certified by the FCC and Industry Canada to operate in the 5725-5850MHz.   Future announcements will be made as additional bands become certified.   At this time we understand that certification for the other channels for the US/CA market is in progress with the FCC and once certified, a future software update will add the addtional authorized US/CA frequency channels.  For more information, please visit www.ubnt.com/forum/announcements or contact support@ubnt.com.  

March 24, 2012 Update

The following bands have been approved by the FCC for use in conjunction with the Ubiquiti M5-series "US-version" products effective March 23rd, 2012:

5255-5340Mhz 5475-5715Mhz 5745-5825Mhz.

These additional frequencies will be unlocked for the US-version products as part of the AirOS V5.5.1 Service Update, scheduled for the release in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for additional information.

May 17, 2012 Update

The following announcement was made by Ubiquiti on May 16th, 2012 regarding hte FCII UNII-2 Approval.  Sticky: FCC UNII-2 Approval and Label Request Procedure or contact support@ubnt.com.  

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