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EH-2500F-KIT-2 - Siklu EtherHaul-2500F 2 Gbps Aggregate 71-76/81-86 GHz E-Band Full-Link Kit w/ 2FT Antennas

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The EH-2500F has an advanced link budget that ensures that the system will provide higher availability, while boosting network performance, in the most cost-effective way possible. The EH-2500F radio delivers 2 Gbps full duplex point-to-point wireless Ethernet connectivity to futureproof your network. Operating over the interference-free 71-76/81-86 GHz band, the FDD EH-2500F has additional output power and wide channels, making ti easy for providers and enterprises to extend their networks by very quickly adding affordable, high capacity, extended reach wireless links that are easy to install and maintain.

Product Features
• Robust and Futureproof: High throughput and low latency are combines to deliver fiber-like performance. The EH-2500F incorporates QoS-aware hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation for high availability
• Creates Resiliency and Availability: The EH-2500F has an integrates L2 switch and extra ports to enable deployment in ring, mesh, or any high resiliency topology
• Small Size, Easy to Deploy and Manage: Light-weight and small size makes for a quck and easy installation, while the intuitive web GUI manages local and remote units to enable fast commissioning and configuration
• Based on Siklu's Field Proven Platform: EH-2500F is the extended-range 2Gbps evolution of the EtherHaul series - the world's top millimeter wave radio, with tens of thousands of links deployed
• Fast Spectrum Acquisition at Affordable Cost: E-band spectrum is uncongested, even in rural and dense urban areas. Using a high-gain pencil-beam antenna guarantees available spectrum anywhere and maximizes spectrum re-use
• Exceptional Value: EH-2500F provides fast ROI and minimizes TCO. Advances 2 Gbps system delivers an unbeatable price per MB. its small and light form factor lowers installation costs, increases reliability and reduces site visits

Product Applications
• Fiber Extension
• Business Broadband
• Mobile Backhaul
• Campus Connectivity

Product Specifications
• Frequency: 71-76/81-86 GHz, FDD
• Modulation and Adaptive Rate: BPSK-1/BPSK-2/QPSK/QAM16/QAM32, hitless adaptive bandwidth, coding and modulation - boost gain by up to 23dB
• Throughput:
      - Up to 1000 Mbps @ 250 MHz
      - Up to 2000 Mbps @ 500/750/1250 MHz
• Link Budget (Incl. 2ft. antenna gain):
      - 2 Gbps @ 500 MHz: 175dB (Incl.1ft. / 2ft. antenna gain)
      - 2 Gbps @ 750 MHz: 178dB
      - 2 Gbps @ 1250 MHz: 184dB
• Antenna: 2ft. (65cm) - 50dBi antenna gain
• Reach: Typical: 1.5 miles ; Maximum: 3 miles (rain zone-dependent)
• Interfaces: 4 x GE ports: 2 x copper RJ45 + 2 x SFP
• Power Supply: 36 to 57VDC (flexible grounding); PoE++ (IEEE 802.3at++), 45W without PoE-Out; 60W with PoE Out
• PoE-Out: Port 2: 13W (IEEE 802.3af)
• Ethernet Features:
      - MEF 9, 14, and 21
      - IEEE 802.1d transparent bridging
      - 8-level QoS aware forwarding with SF/WFQ & MPLS EXP options
      - Redundancy and networking: LAG/LACP, ERP (ITU-T G.8032)
      - MAC learning
      - 16K jumbo frames
• Timing: Carrier-class timing support: SyncE (ITU-T G.8261) & IEEE 1588v2 (TC)
• Management and Provisioning:
      - In-band, out-of-band management
      - Web GUI (one-click configuration of local and remote units) Embedded CLI
      - SNMPv2/3, TACAS+, RADIUS
      - Zero-touch turn up
      - Link OAM & Connectivity Fault Management (CFM): IEEE 802.3ah & IEEE 802.3ag
      - Performance Monitoring: ITU-T Y.1731
      - IPERF TCP/UDP capacity tester
• Topologies: Ring, daisy-chain, mesh
• Conformance: Radio: USA FCC Part 15.101 & ETSI EN 302 217; EMC: USA FCC 47CFR.part 15 & ETSI EN 301 489; Safety UL/EN 60950
• Operating Temperature: -45 to 55°C (-49 to 131°F)
• Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
• Dimensions:
      - ODU + 2ft antenna (Dia. x Depth): 65 x 37 cm (25.6 x 15.35 ")
• Weight:
      - ODU + 2ft antenna: 20.7 lbs (9.4 kg)

Full-Link Includes:
• (1) EH-2500F-ODU-H-EXT (Hi-Band Radio)
• (1) EH-2500F-ODU-L-EXT (Low-Band Rado)
• (2) EH-ANT-2ft-SET (2ft Antennas + Mounting Kits)
• (2) EH-60W-AC-POE-US (Power Supplies)

Product Documentation
EH-2500F Datasheet

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The EH-2500F has an advanced link budget that ensures that the system will provide higher availability, while boosting network performance, in the most cost-effective way possible.
sku EH-2500F-KIT-2
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