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JRC-29 DuplEX Precision - Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX Precision 5.45-5.85Ghz 29dBi Dish Antenna (N-Female) w/ JDMW-900 AR Mounting Brackets

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Jirous Dual Polarized 29dBi DuplEX 5GHz Parabolic MIMO Antenna with Radome

With the included Jirous JDMW-900 AR precision mounting assembly, you can use it in 45° slant configurations.

Product Features:

• 53dB Cross Polarization Isolation - Currently the highest of any Dual Polarized 5GHz antenna on the market.
• 4 1/2" shroud extending from rim of dish dramatically improves interference mitigation by effectively "squashing" close-in side lobes
• Extra high front-to-back ratio for excellent performance in "crowded" spaces
• Radiator is specially coated for long-life in harsh climates
• Independent elevation and azimuth adjustments.
• Includes Radome
• In addition to 802.11N MIMO uses, the high cross polarity isolation of the horn design allows the use of separate radios on each pole. This could be used for site redundancy or for MikroTik's NStreme Dual configurations.

Technical Details:

• Gain: 28.6dBi ± 0.6
• VSWR ≤ 1.5
• Beamwidth: 5.8°
• Cross-Polarity Isolation - 53 dB (≥45dB)
• Front to Back Ratio: ≥43 dB
• N-Female Connectors
• Fits masts from 1 1/10" to 2 9/10"
• VSWR and Isolation measured on every antenna

Product Includes

• 1 x JRC-29 DuplEX Antenna
• 1 x JDMW-900 mounting bracket

Directions to Change Slant
• Remove radome
• Remove horn endcap (pull off gently)
• Remove the 4 screws that hold the disc to the back of the dish
• Remove the 4 hex screws that hold the horn to the dish assembly
• Once the hex screws are removed, the horn and square spacing plates on the back can be rotated 45°
• Reattach the 4 hex screws and the 4 disc screws
• Press the horn end back into the radome (be sure it is flush). A finger underneath should be able to confirm there's not a space between the horn and cap
• While not required, it is recommended to put Locktite on the radome screw threads since the radome has been removed and reattached

Product Data Sheet:

JRC-29 data sheet
JRC-29 mounting instructions

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Jirous Dual Polarized 29dBi DuplEX 5GHz Parabolic MIMO Antenna with Radome
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