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SC-SM-APC-30 50-Pack - INNO Instrument SC Single-Mode APC 3.0mm Splice-On Connectors 50-Pack

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The INNO Instrument SC-SM-APC-30 is an SC splice-on connector designed to work with the INNO Instrument Fusion Splicers with SOC options. INNO's splice-on connector is designed to save time and increase productivity without sacrificing quality. These SOCs are pre-cleaved and pre-polished to improve the quality of the termination and reduce installation time required in the field.

Product Features:

• No need for polishing and matching gel in the field.
• Protect the splicing point inside of the connector body.
• Easy to assemble with One-Touch, Push-Pull System.
• Enhanced high quality with improved optical features. (Splice Loss & Return Loss)
• Split boot structure prevents bending fiber while inserting the connector to the termination.

Product Specifications:

• Connector Style: SC
• Cleave Length: 10mm
• 900um Cleave Margin Length: 1.5mm
• Fiber Type Compatibility: Single-Mode: G652D
• Polish Type: Angled Physical Contact
• Fiber: 3.0mm
• Tensile Strength: ≥ 35N (≥ 3.0kgf) for 3.0mm fiber

Package Contents:

• 50 x Splice-On Connectors

Specifications Sheet:

SOC Data Sheet

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SC-SM-APC-30 50-Pack Splice-on Connectors
SKU SC-SM-APC-30 50-Pack
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