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C000065L043A - Cambium PTP 650 Network Indoor Unit (NIDU) 8-port T1/E1

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Service providers and enterprises have invested significant time and resources into dedicated T1/E1 transmission systems. Based on TDM (Time Division Multiplexing), these circuits have been very popular and effective for voice and data long distance services, dedicated private lines and last mile access, but they are expensive.

There is a demand for a more cost effective solution that can reduce the dependency on leased lines and ease the transition to all-IP networks. Wireless broadband has proven to be an economical and reliable option. The PTP 650 Network IDU (NIDU) is a hardware device which enables the passing of T1/E1 TDM circuits over PTP 650 fixed wireless broadband connections. Using the NIDU, information from existing TDM circuits is delivered reliably, meeting the precise latency and jitter requirements needed for T1/E1 traffic. The NIDU combined with the PTP 650 delivers TDM traffic today while easing the migration to all-IP networks in the future whether for enterprise applications or Macro-cell backhaul for 2G/3G traffic.

Product Features:
• Delivers up to 8 E1/T1 circuits over PTP 650 wireless link
• Leverages precise timing protocol architecture of PTP 650 for controlling latency and jitter
• Single cable delivers PoE, TCP/IP data and TDM packets to the PTP 650
• Air interface optimizations for IP or TDM
• Jitter/Wander to ITU-T G.823/G.824
• Low consistent latency

Product Includes:
• 1 x PTP-NIDU

Technical Data Sheets and User Manuals:
PTP-NIDU Data Sheet
PTP650 Installation Guide
PTP650 Series Brochure

Warranty and Technical Support
• This Cambium product comes with a 12 month (one year) limited warranty on hardware components. This Standard Warranty also includes minor software enhancements as available and Cambium Networks 24x7 telephone technical support. Warranties can be extended by selecting an option below.
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• Return Materials Authorization (RMA) requests are handled directly from Cambium Networks. Instructions and procedures for all RMA requests can be found HERE.
Typical turn around time for the RMA (Return Materials Authorization) process is less than 30 days.

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C000065L043A - Cambium PTP 650 Network Indoor Unit (NIDU) 8-port T1/E1
sku C000065L043A
Manufacturer Cambium Networks
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