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30009406002 - Cambium N-to-N Coaxial Cable for PMP 450 AP, 16"

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Note that the N-type to N-type cable required to connect the AP to the antenna is not included and must be purchased separately.

• For an OFDM-only deployment, you will need two cables, one for the horizontal and one for the vertical OFDM polarities.
• If you are deploying in the Combo mode (i.e., serving both FSK and OFDM subscribers), you will need three of these cables.

Warranty and Technical Support
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• Return Materials Authorization (RMA) requests are handled directly from Cambium Networks. Instructions and procedures for all RMA requests can be found HERE.
Typical turn around time for the RMA (Return Materials Authorization) process is less than 30 days.

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30009406002 - Cambium Networks N-to-N Coaxial Cable for PMP 450 AP, 16"
sku 30009406002
Manufacturer Cambium Networks
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