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C009045B001A - Cambium 900MHz PTP 450 Connectorized Radio AC Power Supply (FCC-US version)

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PTP 450 Series - Reliable, High-Capacity Point-to-Point Wireless Broadband Designed for Your Multi-Service Network

Service providers, government public safety agencies, and critical infrastructure operators such as utilities and energy companies have experienced massive growth in data, voice, and video traffic over the past few years. This growth has imposed large bandwidth demands for reliable and secure broadband connectivity and backhaul worldwide.

Cambium Networks disrupts the performance-reliability continuum with the Cambium Point-to-Point (PTP) 450 Series solution. With up to 130 Mbps throughput, PTP 450 systems let you reliably and securely handle today's needs with scalability to meet future requirements.

Product Specifications:
• Excellent near and non line of sight propagation
• Up to 130 Mbps capacity in a 20 MHz channel
• Flexible channel selections of 5, 7, 10 and 20 MHz
• Low power consumption and small form factor
• Available in Cambium Networks LINKPlanner for simple, accurate planning of capacity and availability

Product Includes:
• 1 x PTP450 900MHz Connectorized Radio
• 1 x AC Power Injector
• 1 x US Power Line Cord

Technical Data Sheets and User Manuals:
PTP450 Data Sheet
PTP450 User Guide

Warranty and Technical Support
• This Cambium product comes with a 12 month (one year) limited warranty on hardware components. This Standard Warranty also includes minor software enhancements as available and Cambium Networks 24x7 telephone technical support.
Click for technical support contact information.
• Return Materials Authorization (RMA) requests are handled directly from Cambium Networks. Instructions and procedures for all RMA requests can be found HERE.
Typical turn around time for the RMA (Return Materials Authorization) process is less than 30 days.

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C009045B001A - Cambium Networks 900MHz PTP450 Connectorized Radio
sku C009045B001A
Manufacturer Cambium Networks
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